What you'll learn

1) Create an Ads Manager Account
2) Set Up Payments, Limits and Billing on an Ads Manager Account
3) Create a Facebook Page for a Business, Brand, Community, Service or Other
4) Navigate Your way Around Ads Manager Tools and Features
5) Understand the Structure of a Facebook Ad
6) Understand All Facebook Campaign Marketing Objectives
7) Appreciate how Important Facebook is in Advertising Today
8) Know How to Edit the Ad Set Level in Detail, from Targeting, to Placements, to Budget
9) Avoid the Pitfalls that Most Newbies Fall In To and Burn Cash With
10) Save Time with Saved Audiences
11) Use Various Ad Creatives from Images, to Carousels, to Slideshows and Videos
12) Create Slideshows using Facebook's Slideshow Feature
13) Create Page Post Engagement Ads
14) Create Website Conversion Ads
15) Create Video Views Ads
16) Improve Your Ad Copy with a Few Simple Steps

17) Improve Your Targeting with Some Easy Edits
18) Understand the Facebook Pixel, What it is, What it does, Why it's Important
19) Create a new Facebook Pixel
20) Install a Facebook Pixel on to a Shopify Store
21) Use a Facebook Pixel in a Facebook Ad
22) Build Custom Audiences from Multiple Sources
23) Create Advanced Audiences of Your Best Customers
24) Build Lookalike Audiences from Facebook Pages
25) Build Lookalike Audiences from Custom Audiences
26) Build Lookalike Audiences from Video Views
27) Work out Your Profit Margins
28) Create Customised Reporting for Better Analysis
29) Learn of the Best Set Up for E-Commerce
30) Analyse Facebook Ad Performance based on CPP
31) Use Breakdowns to Get Better, More Detailed Insights
32) Learning of 3 Easy Scaling Methods for Beginners

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