If you want to learn how to create Professional website, then you have chosen the right course.
This is a step-by-step learning course where you will learn how to create Beautiful website, install Themes, and Plugins.For any learning to happen, it has to be well facilitated. You would want your facilitator to be available for you in case you have any questions. So, i heard your voice. When going through the course, in case you have any doubts, just ask me on whatsapp and I will response it the soonest possible.
We will be sharing various resources with you, which will be helpful in your journey to create a world-class website. This is a practical and effective course. So, we will be sharing assignments with you as well so that whatever you learn through this course, you go ahead and practice. And in case you have any questions, I am there for you. You are not walking alone in this learning process. I am there to guide you throughout.

What you'll learn

1) Build your own beautiful website using WordPress
2) Earn revenue through your website by monetizing your website
3) Learn Cloudflare to enhance security and performance for website
4) Choose the right hosting provider
5) Pointing your domain to hosting provider
6) Download WordPress
7) Navigate around the WordPress dashboard, know what everything does and how to use it
8) You will know how to find and install themes
9) Setup PWA(progresive web apps) on your website
10) Understand Plugins, find and install the best WordPress Plugin for your website
11) You will know how to set up comments while blocking spam.
12) You will know how to speed up your website with caching plugins.
13) Learn how to design beautiful pages using Elementor

14) Learn how to setup push notification
15) Rank your website for the keywords using the SEO plugin
16) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
17) Email Marketing
18) Create attractive posts that will surely be liked by your readers
19) Customization of Widgets
20) Creation of Menus
21) Google Search Console and Google Analytics
22) Create your own pages with the features you want
23) Able to choose the right domain name (Secret recipe included)
24) Keyword Research
25) Host and publish your website in an inexpensive and secure way
26) How to get google adsense approval

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