Duplicator Pro


Duplicator plugin lets you easily manage data backups and migration. You can move your site from one computer to another or upload to a hosting provider with ease. This can be done anytime and from anywhere in a matter of minutes.



Duplicator Pro Plugin Features

Duplicator Pro gives you more ways to manage your website data. You need to know that you’re protected in case of an equipment failure. You also need flexibility when it comes to deploying websites, backups, and custom installations. Duplicator lets you do it all without extensive technical knowledge. 

  • Works with Multiple Sites and Subsites

Duplicator Pro works whether you have one WordPress site or many! Manage them all with one plugin. Multisite network backups and migration is also supported. Additionally, you can install subsites as standalone pages.

  • Fast Package Engine Can Handle Large Sites

Duplicator supports large websites. The overhauled engine offers optimum performance when handling bigger sites. It’s a great all-in-one tool for anyone, including those managing more data as well as those with sites they plan to grow.

  • Choose Backup Limits to Avoid Maxing Storage Space

Keep your backups under control by setting a limit. You choose how many backups are saved, so you don’t max out your cloud storage space.

  • You Choose the Directories, Files and More to Save

Duplicator is completely customizable. You select the directories, extensions, files, and more to backup. Make sure you preserve what’s important while avoiding unnecessary clutter in your archive.

  • Use Existing Databases or Build New Ones

Users can select a cPanel database or build new ones within Duplicator.

  • Overwrite Old Sites with A Click

Backups can be migrated and installed quickly. Find an empty location to add your pages to or install them over an existing site. All it takes is a click, and your new pages will be published and ready to browse!

  • Simple Single-Archive Bundles

Other plugins store sites as many files that can be difficult to find and use. Duplicator creates one archive that contains everything. Finding your backups has never been easier!

  • Receive Email Notifications

Duplicator keeps you in the know when it comes to your webpages. Email notifications are sent to alert users about backup issues, timeout errors, and anything that requires attention.